Binalog>>>Productions is the brain child of 38 years old Evangelos Zacharopoulos,a former journalist and radio/tv producer and active web-radio portal's raydio.gr co-founder,co-owner and totally in charge person for the radical station of electronic music,Binalog Frequency.
Evangelos is a completely self-taught musician;he attended some piano lessons during his childhood and that was all. He uses software such as Fruity Loops (mainly),Reason and Cool Edit Pro,the last 2 years without any midi support.His greatest "weapon" though,is the 25+ experience in "diffi-cult" music (as he calls his blend of industrial/experimental/old school hip-hop/electro-funk and underground disco influences),beats and noises. As his secret collaborators (two members of a legendary electro-pop group of the 80s with whom Evangelos is working online,since last september more than frequently,on several,yet unreleased projects) say,he is characterized by a unique understanding of the groove,which he constantly approaches in a radical way,building up tracks full of beats 'n' pieces that won't let not for a second your ass standing still!
The label Binalog>>>Productions is Evangelos' vehicle of musical expression,being either idm,techno,electro,drum 'n' bass or even house,disco,funk. It depends of the mood which direction will take the spontaneous "assaults" on his small and spartan home studio (called simply "Binalog's Place").This diversity in sound is also the reason for the use of so many aliases for his personal and his "partners in crime" releases,such as Binalog Freq,Vee Gee Lante,Pete Buchanan,Alta Toscana,Funka Frequila,Tee Funk,Soul Kiss and the list goes on and on...The man is involved in every way in all B>>>P releases.
"Get It Out Of My Head!" is Evangelos' 2nd full length release as Binalog Freq,following the overlooked little gem "Wreck The Freq".It is definitely his most "processed" work so far and thus the most ambitious. It will be available for digital download (as B>>>P's 21st release) by Monday,13th of July 2009 through label's main retailer Junodownload and,later,through all the existing digital stores.
Again a totally DIY "business","Get It Out Of My Head!" consists of 13 tracks,written,executed,produced,edited and (phew!) mastered by Evangelos himself. It is a blend of electro,broken beats,abstract grooves,detroit techno,beautiful melodies and haunted atmospheres.Every track captures the mood of the moment,being conceived spontaneously and executed once in a continuous studio spasm.

Track List:
1.Headless Monster#1
2.Release The Beast
3.Launching Brain Missiles
4.Headless Monster#2
6.Street Fight
7.The Trip
8.Outland Saloon
9.The Chant (Nightdubbing Dance Mix)
10.Headless Monster#3
11.Funked Up Colony
12.Headless Monster#4
13.Still Human


Binalog>>>Productions Releases: http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Binalog+Productions/releases/ (Vee Gee Lante's special edition of "Afro"(BiP002) also available @ iTunes,Amazon,Rhapsody and Napster)

Binalog>>>Productions MySpace Page: myspace.com/binalogfreq


Web Radio: Binalog Frequency via www.raydio.gr